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Verizon Issue

Dear @VZWSupport

I know this is an odd way of communicating with your company. Sadly you have been extremely hard to reach as of late, and each time I do get through, the story is inconsistent.

First, let me say, even I think it’s a little crazy to be upset over a phone and its ordering process.

I placed my order for my iPhone 6 Plus, just before 3 am on September 12th. The store, the website, etc. all instructed me to do so at that time to receive delivery on 9/19.  Earlier that day, I gave up my unlimited plan, ahead of the upgrade.

I received my confirmation at 2:59 am, for my new iPhone 6 Plus (16gig, Space Gray) but without an estimated delivery date. There has been no shipping update since.

Now that my friends that ordered after me have tracking numbers, I’ve been trying to reach out.

After calling VZW and on hold for hours, I’ve been told – “I don’t know when you’ll get it,” “Probably November”, and “we don’t have pre-order for you.” Today I was told, if I bought one of the more expensive models, I would have gotten it on the 19th. To which I replied, if you had made that clear, I might would have.

I feel lied to, first and foremost. Or the company and website was falsely advertising your availability. Also, I wish I didn’t order it though VZW because Apple would have shipped it to me on Friday. (I’ve confirmed this twice.)

I want to know the truth, surrounding actual availability, and a ship date. Seems like Verizon is hiding something from me.

My preorder number is in the DM on Twitter.

Thank you for your assistance…

– Reid Ramsay