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U.S. Breweries In July: 16 More Breweries Open, 51 More in Planning

While you’re out enjoying a beer tonight, here are some brewery numbers to think about. As of July 31, 2012, the Brewer’s Association reports:

U.S. operating breweries is at 2,142, up from 2,126 at the end of June. (16 more breweries!)

U.S. operation breweries that are Brewers Association members is at 1,526, up from 1,517 at the end of June. (9 more!)

U.S. breweries in planning is at 1,303, up from 1,252 at the end of June. (51 more in planning!)

Paul Gatza writes further – Craft brewing and the Brewers Association just keep on growing. We have 555 more breweries in planning than a year ago and 347 more operating U.S. breweries.

Damn. Who’s thirsty?


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