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Trinity Bretta, Turtle, & More

Trinity Brewing is releasing a few new beers as we transition into fall.

Libidinous – Returned to the taps as a Saison rather than a lager this year on Sept. 2. This San hopped Belgian ale is crafted with heather tips, juniper berries, chai, and saffron which creates a profile reminiscent of an ancient Gruit.

Bretta Beer – Today, this Australian influenced beer returns to the taps. This hybrid “Berliner Wit” combines the malt bill of a Wit bier, Kiwis, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus with a delicate hand to create a refreshing and lightly acidic adult beverage.

Peche Noir – Black Saison aged on Colorado peaches, September 16th.  This creation highlights dark aged malt flavors of fig, a noticeable pepper, and is balanced by somewhat of an estery peach presence.

Brain of the Turtle arrives October 2nd.  750ml bottles for this brew.   Aged on almonds, cherry skins, coffee, and oak barrels