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Atlanta’s Torched Hop Brewing is ready to drop some cans

Torched Hop Brewing Cans

It’s been a little bit over a year into brewing, Atlanta’s Torched Hop Brewing has won medals at the Great American Beer Festival and U.S. Open Beer Championship. Their next move? Cans.

“We are first and foremost a brewpub, and want to showcase a lot of styles,” says Chris Bivens. “We ordered in more than 45 yeast strains in the first year in order to create a wide range of styles.”

Despite Torched Hop’s versatility, Bivens lineup of India pale ales is what really has put the brewpub on the map. From Hops de Leon, Haze Craze, and Tribunal, those dank juicy IPAs are what customers have been excited about. So much so, the decision to can the hoppiest of their offerings was easy.

On November 18th Torched Hop Tribunal will mark the first release. The IPA features the famed (and hard to find) Galaxy hop, Mosaic and Cryo powder. A hop lover’s dream and a hell of a way to kick off the package lineup. The next two will be released as they are brewed:

  • Haze Craze – Uses very potent cryogenically separated hops, plus flaked oats. Thing hazy New England style IPA
  • Hops De Leon – Flagship IPA and hardcore West Coast IPA featuring Citra and Mosaic hops.

It took the brewery around two months to design the cans in-house, and five weeks to can delivery form Can Source. The longest lead time was the can seamer (puts the lid on). Incidentally, the maker of the seaming equipment, Dixie Canner, supplies Campell’s Soup with their seamers as well. Campbell’s ordered nearly a 1000 seamers ahead of Torched Hop’s single machine.

Don’t worry about your day job getting in the way of these releases. Bivens plans on making new cans available on the weekends, with no planned distribution.

PIC: Beer Street Journal