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Too Sexy For Sweden

A new beer from Amagaer Bryghus dubbed “Lust” that depicts a naked woman in a bathtub has been deemed too racy for Systembolaget, the state-run liquor store. The racy label apparently violates Swedish alcohol etiquette.

In order to get the beer sold, the Amager had to black out the label (the girl seen above) completely. That wasn’t the only change either. The description of how the beer was brewed, was too racy too:

This strong Belgian ale is so rich, so sweet and so luscious, that we wouldn’t hesitate calling it pure lust in a bottle. During the making of this beer the general mood in the brewhouse turned somewhat sensual if not downright erotic! And everybody involved In the brewing spontaneously engaged in heavy cheek kiss-ing. if it wasn’t for the unexpected ring of the doorbell things could have gone even further… This beer is so lustful that we cannot vouch for the consequences if you serve this to your loved one over a candlelight dinner. This may very well result In a lifelong payment of child support We have lrewed a beer with the most sensual of sugars we could find at our local grocery store. We were tempted to spice it up with well-renowned aphrodisi-acs Ike Spanish fly or oysters, but frankly we didn’t see the need for it.

Apparently making an allusion that drinking can get you women will get your beer pulled from shelves.