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The Drunk Diet – Lose Weight Wasted

The Drunk Diet.  Seems like a fantasy, but Lüc Carl did it.  He’s a heavy metal musician that’s more recently known for being Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend.   He found himself at 31 to be fat, bloated, and miserable.  He was pretty miserable over the split, and decided to make a change.  His change was running marathons and cycling.  He developed a better understanding of how the body works.  Instead of giving up his beloved alcohol, he changed his eating habits from late night processed meals to natural foods and exercising.

His new book started out as more of a journal of his activities.  Over time he developed a love for running and attributes that to his quitting smoking and losing almost 60 pounds.  All the while, he was still drinking.  In fact, the tagline for his book is “How I Lost 40 Pounds… Wasted.”  His true love?  Craft beer.  This one’s for you beer geeks – upon being asked if he would switch to Light Beer, Carl’s answer? “Not in public”.

 The book is available for purchase & digital download at Amazon.