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Redhook Brews No Equal Amber Lager For Soccer Fans

Redhook Brewery has teamed up with Seattle Sounders super fans the Emerald City Supporters to create a beer just for them.  Inspired by their mantra “We came to drink”, Redhook is releasing No Equal Amber Lager in both 22 oz bottles and draft across the Pacific Northwest this month.  Brewed with Munich and Caramel malts as well as Noble hops, this brew is a very drinkable 5.2% ABV and 30 IBU’s.  It will be released as part of the Blueline Series which was launched in 1993 to honor the old trolley barn and that Redhook formerly called home.   

Redhook’s  brewing manager Jen Talley had this to say of their new soccer brew:

“Seattle has become the soccer mecca of the U.S.  There is no equal to the passion ECS show for the Sounders, and as Seattle’s first craft brewery, we are thrilled to team up with them to release No Equal Amber Lager.  No Equal is a great beer.  It’s smooth and full of flavor but so drinkable that it can be enjoyed throughout the game.  The creation of No Equal Amber Lager was a partnership from start to finish.  From selecting the final recipe to designing the label, the ECS was involved every step of the way, ensuring this beer would turn out just right for its supporters.”

Redhook is the official sponsor of the Seattle Sounders.

Style: Amber Lager
Availability: 22oz bombers and draft
ABV: 5.2%


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