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Terrapin & Nogne O To Collaborate This Winter

Nøgne Ø & Terrapin Brewing will be collaborating this coming February.  Spike Buckowski & Dustin Watts of Terrapin are planning to fly over to Norway in the winter to create this collaboration ale.  Right now the only details about this beer — Spike wants to use rye malt.

Per Owen Ogletree, Brewtopia:

Kjetil from Nøgne Ø –  “I like rye a lot too. We use it in six or eight of our beers. Up to this point, we have only used pale rye malt, but recently we received our first shipment of crystal rye malt, which we plan to use in our main Christmas ale for this season. I guess Nøgne Ø’s signature is that we are somewhat “mid-Atlantic” in our profile — conservative British and Belgian grains, and liberal use of American hops. In Norway we are considered to be extremely hop oriented. In the US our beers are considered fairly malty.”

Release Date: TBD, 2012