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Troeg’s Adds Perpetual, 2 More Scratch

Troegs Brewing (Harrisburg, PA) is squeezing in a new release in August.  From their newsletter:

In our constant evolution as a brewery, we’ve developed on undying drive to meld the organic and the mechanical. Perpetual IPA utilizes our hopback and dry-hopping to engineer a bold Imperial Pale Ale. Perpetual IPA is 7.5% ABV and 85 IBUs. It features Bravo, Chinook and Mt. Hood hops in the boil, Mt. Hood and Nugget hops in the hopback and Citra, Cascade and Nugget hops in dry-hopping

“Straw in color and bittered with an abundance of citrus and spicy hops, Perpetual IPA is a tribute to building our new brewery and our desire to continue exploring,” says John Trogner.

Perpetual IPA will be in wholesalers by the third week of August and should be available in retailers no later than Labor Day.

Also, some info on the next couple of Scratch beers.  The next ones are #45 & #46

Scratch #45 — IPA.  Was released Friday, 7/29.  One case limit, or 2/6pks & 2 growler limit per person.

Scratch #46 – Naked Elf.  Last brewed 2 years ago.  Naked Elf is Mad Elf w/ out the cherries & honey.  Arrives once #45 sells out.

One more mention about the Scratch series-

We are already looking toward the fall for more Scratch Beers with a Wit beer (featuring raw wheat from a local farm), and Oktoberfest, a Wet-Hopped beer (a similar recipe to last year, again featuring Citra hops), and an Abbey all slated for brewing. We will announce release dates when the beers tell us they are ready.