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Terrapin & Heavy Seas Celebrate A Free Spirit

Beer people are resilient.  Instead of just being sad about a senseless tragedy, Heavy Seas & Terrapin Brewing are bringing something good from it.  Free Spirit celebrates the life of Brittney Fox Watts who past away in July, 2011.   This farmhouse ale captures the “free spirit” of an individual who touched quite a few lives. This funky, unique ale features sunflower seeds and elder flowers.

We encourage you to DABBLE in this collaboration ale brewed in LOVING memory of Brittney Fox Watts, a member of both the Heavy Seas and Terrapin FAMILIES.  

 In true Farmhouse FASHION, this FREE-SPIRITED memorial ale celebrates her PASSION for anything UNIQUE, FRESH, CREATIVE, and maybe a little bit CRAZED.  Free Spirit has a BIG HEART and a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.  

 Keep and OPEN-MIND and TRUST your palate, we believe this beer will make you SMILE.   This one’s for you, Brittney. Cheers!

Style: Farmhouse Ale, brewed w/ Sunflowers & Elderflower
 Availability: 22oz bombers.
Arrival: Mid-October, 2011

6% ABV

“A DABBLER, skilled in no particular area, but striving to always do my best work.” – BFW

8 thoughts on “Terrapin & Heavy Seas Celebrate A Free Spirit

  1. I didn’t know Brittney but recently learned about this story from The Avett Brothers site.  This was a tragedy but it seems that she touched many lives and her free spirit will live on.  This is a great memorial and I hope to get to try this brew. 

  2. When the beer buzz wears off, I hope you people can muster up some justified rage about Brittney’s death. She didn’t merely “pass away.” A god-damned feral negro murdered her. 

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