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Terrapin GA Theatre Sessions #3

Terrapin  just released Session #2 of the Georgia Theatre Sessions – Double Feature.  It’s on shelves now.  Double Feature is a Belgian dubbel paying homage to the days when the Georgia Theatre was a a movie theater.

Terrapin has informed me that it’s not too early to look at Session #3 – Sound Czech.  Now, take this from someone who has spent a fair amount of time at the Georgia Theatre this is what I know the Theatre for the most.  Music.  I’ve seen quite a few bands there during my time at UGA.  An awesome band and few beers at the Georgia Theatre made for a pretty great Friday night.  Some big name bands have played there, including B-52’s, R.E.M., The Police, B.B. King, and Widespread Panic.  This release commemorates its rich musical history as it looks forward to the day music is heard within it’s walls again.  I can’t wait to go back.

Sound Czech is what you think it is – a Czech pilsner.  What makes it a Czech Pilsner?  It’s where the style was invented.  Pilsners orignated in 1800’s in Pilsen, Bohemia also known as Plzeň a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic.  Head brewer Spike hasn’t completed his writeup sheet on this beer yet so all the details aren’t known.  More on ingredients when the beer gets closer to shipping.

Estimated Arrival: Mid September 2010

Fun Fact – Jackson Spauding on Peachtree Street in Atlanta has been designing these awesome labels –