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COMING SOON: Bell’s Batch 10,000

Coming soon from Bell’s Brewing is Batch 10,000.  Details about this batch have yet to be released.  One thing has been revealed, that Bell’s will discontinue these Batch series brews after the soon to be released 10,000.

In case you didn’t know, these commemorative batches have been released every 1,000 as a one time brew.  “Batch” refers to number of brews as it were. (1,000th batch of beer, 4,354th batch of beer etc.)   If you look at the back of each bottle of Bell’s beer there is a number.  Swing over the brewery website, and you can input that number and it will tell you when that beer was brewed, and what it is.

These commemorative beers change by style each time they are released.  9,000 was an American strong ale.   8,000 – witbier. 7,000 – imperial stout.  Other years include barleywines, and old ales.  They are fun one time beers that typically get a great response from the drinking community.  Sad to see them go.

More info to come.  Estimated release date – AFTER the September release of 25th Anniversary.

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