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Terrapin To Can Moo-Hoo, Maggie’s & Pumpkinfest in 2015

Terrapin Mosaic Cans

Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA) is making a big change to their in 2015. A few of their seasonal offerings will be released in cans instead of bottles.

To recap – Terrapin launched RecreationAle as their first can offering, followed by Hi-5 IPA.

The canning was initially outsourced to Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut while the brewery tested the sales strength of cans. In July 2014, Terrapin installed their own canning line.

The brewery’s third canned offering will be Mosaic. Coming in 2015, Terrapin will add seasonal favorites, Moo-Hoo (chocolate milk stout), Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale, and Pumpkinfest (Oktoberfest with pumpkin & spices) for a total of six canned offerings.

“We really see cans as a big part of the craft beer industry going forward,” said Terrapin VP of Sales and Marketing Dustin Watts. “We wanted to increase the number of can offerings in our portfolio and felt that our Seasonal Sessions line was a great place to start.”

Terrapin tells Beer Street Journal that W-n-B was also considered, but the timing and demand might not make it feasible in 2015.

Another positive note- all three new can offerings will be available in 12oz, 6 pack cans instead of the current 4 pack, bottle offerings. Price TBD.

Image above via Terrapin Beer Co.

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  1. So, now that they have announced that they are canning several of their beers, I think it’s fair to say that they have a canning line and plan to continue to can their beers in the future.

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