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Port/Lost Abbey Launches The Hop Concept Brewing

Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey have spent the last 8 years building two unique brands/portfolios. Starting in 2015, expect a third concept – The Hop Concept Brewing.

The Hop Concept Brewing will focus on India Pale Ales, released quarterly.

“The team and I are pumped to create four new hoppy beers, working with hop combinations that we’ve never tried before” said Matt Webster, Lead Brewer for Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. “IPA’s have historically been a specialty of ours, so the chance to hone our skills even more has all the brewers fired up!”

First up is the Hop Freshener Series, subtitled “Uncomplicated Hoppy Beers from the people who know how to make them.” For each release, the names are the flavors and aroma of the beer. The release lineup for 2015 looks like this:

  • Dank and Sticky IPA (February)
  • Citrus and Piney IPA (May)
  • Lemon and Grassy IPA (August)
  • Tropical and Juicy IPA (November)

Each release is quarterly, meant to be purchased and consumed fresh in 22oz bottles, and limited draft. The brewery hopes this new ambitious lineup helps people understand the nuances and flavors of craft beer’s most popular style, IPA.

Look for The Hop Concept Brewing and The Freshener Series across Lost Abbey and Port Brewing’s distribution network starting in February, 2015.