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Gina Ales. Your New BREST Friend

Gina Ale

Gina Ale

Brewing up in Santa Monica, California is Gina Ales.  Apparently slated to go online in May, it looks like the first beers will be appearing in July.  After finding the label, I went searching for information, only to find a coming soon webpage – and a Facebook page.

The brewery’s tag line is… Your new BREST Friend.  Check out the beer description:

Gina Ale is a brilliant golden ale with the signature graininess and the soft, delicate palate that defines the Kölsch style. Using a special strain of Kölsch yeast, it is fermented warm and then cold-aged to produce its smooth clean finish.

Gina Ale’s goal in producing this beer was not to duplicate a Kölsch exactly, but rather to draw on some of its unique characteristics to produce a distinctive Brazilian beer that would be enjoyable to the American beer drinker. Gina Ale is similar to Kölsch in that it is very smooth and drinkable, with very little aftertaste. It differs, however, in several aspects of its brewing as well in its ingredients. Gina Ale is maltier, richer, not as pale, and has more flavor and body than that of the Kölsch beers brewed in Cologne. The special strain of yeast used imparts a flavor reminiscent of a fine Brazilian beer and is part of what makes Gina Ale so distinctive. Gina Ale is better balanced and more drinkable than a pilsener, dancing between hops and malt with each sip. 

More info to follow…

Gina Ale