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Sweetwater’s Latest Dank Tank Brew – BSP Arrives!

Just to reiterate something that I think needs some clarification.  Sweetwater Brewery has a special tank used for special “one of” series of brews, dubbed the “Dank Tank.”  Dank Tank isn’t the name of the beer, just where it is more or less born, or created.  The Dank Tank has given birth to beers such as DP Barleywine, Big Ol’ Belgian Blue Balls, and Wet Dream.  It’s most recent offspring?  BSP or Belgian, Strong, Pause…

BSP is a Belgian Quad. Belgian quads are in the same family as Belgian dubbels and Tripels.  The name quad, like tripel is unknown in origin, but in Trappist breweries tended to refer to the stronger or strongest beer in their lineup.  (Dubbel, Tripel, Quad)  Stylistic however, these beers are strong Belgian ales.

However, BSP alludes to something more.  Perhaps a famous beer pub nestled in Decatur, Ga known by it’s same initals???? Hmmm???  It better be ringing some bells by now.  Both Sweetwater and Brickstore Pub were founded in the same year.

From the bottle –

“Belgian, Strong, Pause… for a moment and let’s consider the Possiblities.  Sure, you were thinking Pale, but it’s not at all Pale.  Rather the contrary. The P could stand for Perfect: perfectly befitting a warm respite in front of a fire on a cold February night – but we don’t say chit like that.  You’ll probably just drink this Belgian Quad like a session beer and hope for the best in the morning anyway so screw it.  Maybe the P stands for your favorite pub, the place where you go to hang out, drink killer beer and enjoy life.  Yup, that’s the one.  The Quad part, well thats a style for sure, but it could be in reference to a collaboration between a Pub and a Brewhouse that opened the same year out of friendships and a love for great beer.  Yeah, those 4 things are in here too.  “

BSP is 11% ABV.

Available in 22 oz bottles, limited to this one time brew.  Limited draft coming soon (Week of 2/22)

Tower Atl – In stock – 5.99

Hop City – Awaiting confirmation

Green’s – Awaiting Confirmation.