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SweetWater Happy Ending won’t be bottled this year

SweetWater Happy Ending 2015

SweetWater Happy Ending is leaving the brewery’s lineup indefinitely. The imperial stout will not be bottled for the first time in years.

The stout has marked the end of SweetWater’s brewing year for over a decade now, as well as been a local fan favorite. The removal of Happy Ending as well as the demise of Hop Hash are more examples of the brewery making room for new releases and innovations.

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Recently, the Atlanta, Georgia based brewery installed a pilot system they have dubbed “The Hatchery,” from which you will see a host of experimental releases that could one day be a full scale release. Pictured below are new growlers that tour attendees could soon take home, filled with experimental and one-off beers.

No doubt there will be imperial stouts that will grace the SweetWater’s lineup in the future. For loyal fans however, the end of this beer might not be so happy.

SweetWater Hatchery Series 1

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