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Sun King Six Finger Discount Cans Celebrate Six

Sun King 6 Finger Discount

Sun King Six Finger Discount officially launched this month. The beer celebrates six years of brewing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sun King Six Finger Discount is a saison, brewed with yeast captured from the sour portion of the brewery.

We celebrate six years of singularity with Six Finger Discount, a Sun King Session Saison. Shaped with a strain of wild yeast seized from our sour space, Six Finger Discount is dry and fruity, with a sprinkling of spice, which makes it superb for summertime sipping.

Sun King Six Finger Discount Saison is available now in 12 ounce cans and draft.

Style: Saison
Availability: 12oz Cans
Release: July 2015

3.6% ABV, 21 IBUs