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Stone Brewing will can at the Berlin brewery. For Europe

Stone Brewing may not can in the United States (despite urging from the fans), but they certainly will in Germany, and throughout Europe.

The new Stone Brewing Berlin location will be canning a few familiar year-round beers abroad. For Germany only of course. Four cans are scheduled for year-round cans in 2016, including Stone IPA, Stone Ruination Double IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale, and Stone Cali-Belgique.

The reasons are all great ones you’ve heard by a brewery by now (all great, of course) – better for the beer, cans are infinitely recyclable, reduced carbon footprint, etc.

“Experts today feel that cans are better for beer. Period,” says Greg Koch, Stone Brewing CEO & co-founder. “At the heart of our business is a dedication to fresh, high-quality beer and cans are the ideal packaging for preserving the unique, bold flavors we work so hard to achieve. Additionally, research shows clearly that cans offer incredible benefits in terms of sustainability and we are confident they will be the smartest decision in reducing our carbon and environmental footprint.” 

All four beers will be available in cans by the end of the year, for Europe distribution only.

6 thoughts on “Stone Brewing will can at the Berlin brewery. For Europe

    • because of the immense investment it would take to alter their current packaging operations…we are talking a canning line, all the conveyance, pack off machines, carton forming and packing machines, training, etc….it would be starting from the ground up.

  1. According to Stone’s release calendar, they are canning a brand new hoppy blonde in June. And I’ve heard rumblings that Enjoy By IPA and Delicious IPA will be canned later this year.

  2. Oooh my, cans in Germany? Your beer will be on the shelf very close to the fizzy yellow stuff, but your price we be eight times higher! Well, the majority of thecanned beer from Berlin will go to Sweden and U.K. but quality must be in bottles.

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