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Stillwater I Miss the Old Kanye. Kanye West isn’t thrilled

Stillwater I Miss the Old Kayne

Stillwater I Miss the Old Kanye was (and still is) a great name for a beer. Kayne West doesn’t find the humor in it.

Stillwater I Miss the Old Kanye, an imperial porter brewed with Brettanomyces, is the third release in the brewery’s Pop Culture Series. The label and design mimics West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ album cover. Addtionally, I Miss the Old Kanye is a track on that album.

Stillwater’s founder Brian Strumke brewed the beer with flavors of soft drink Dr. Pepper in mind. The soda boasts numerous flavors and ingredients that make it so well known, but the actually recipe is a mystery. Does that sound a bit like the odd composition that is Kanye West? Thought so.

Is this beer a proper testament to the insanity or genius that causes a man to interrupt Taylor Swift during an awards ceremony? Maybe. Either Kanye West or his merchandising wing sent a letter to Stillwater Artisan Ales.

The legal team made a claim on behalf of the singer over Kayne West merchandising rights. So much so, that Stillwater has contacted their various distributors and requested the bottles be recalled over the brouhaha .

Perhaps this is a badge of honor for Brian Strumke. He finds himself in good company with Taylor Swift. Maybe it’s time Swift gets a little love in Stillwater’s Pop Culture Series.

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