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Sour Fans, A New Vintage Of BFM Bon Chien

The 2010 vintage of Brasserie Franches-Montagnes L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien is now available.  (Previously 2007-2009).  You love sour, oaky, beers look no further.  Bon-Chien is named for the brewery’s cat, that passed away in 2005.  The 2010 vintage was blended this year, from previous vintages.

L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien, Strong sour ale, 11% vol. is a real UFO, it is a beer brewed in honor of the former brewery cat, sanctified in her disappearance. This wine with hints of amber-red is matured for months in oak barrels that once contained wine or distilled spirits. The drums give flavor to this very complex beer.On the palate, it recalls the plot of a fruity red wine with a marked acidity.

Style:  Biere De Garde
Taste Expectations:  Sour, Funk. Oak, cherries, grapes.  Tart & puckering finish.  Slightly boozy.
Availability: 750 bottles.

11% ABV

Pic: Wine&CheesePlace