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When vodka freezes outside, it’s freaking cold

Skaalvenn Distilery Frozen Vodka

This polar vortex is cold, dangerous, and has been deadly. Low-pressure area of cold air that hovers around the North Pole can travel southward during the winter. With it, comes some incredibly cold air. Extremely cold, even for places with harsh winters, like Minnesota. How cold is it? In Minnesota, vodka can freeze.

Pretty sure at one point in your life, you’ve put a bottle of vodka in the freezer to get it as cold as possible. Typically, there’s no danger there as the freezing point of 80 Proof vodka is around -26 degrees Celsius, or -16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Skaalvenn Distillery located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota (near Minneapolis) left some of their vodka outside overnight during this cold outbreak. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly¬†– it froze. Or at least got very slushy. As you can see in Skaalvenn’s picture above, that handful that looks like a snowcone is the distillery’s 80 Proof vodka registering at -21 degrees Fahrenheit.

When your vodka freezes, it’s freaking cold.

At the time of this piece, it’s a balmy 4 degrees, Brooklyn Park, as the sun rises. Temperatures¬†should climb into the 30s finally by Super Bowl Sunday.

Image: Skaalvenn Distillery,