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Sixpoint’s First Summer Seasonal: Apollo

Sixpoint ApolloToday, Sixpoint launched their first summer installment in their seasonal can rotation.  Apollo has arrived.  From the brewery:

The last time we launched a new beer, we dissected and glorified the hop cone.  As many have noticed over the years, Sixpoint has a fascination – bordering on obsession – with hops.  Today we are happy to announce a complete change of pace.  We are offering you an entirely new canned creation brewed with finesse and subtlety.  The secret and story in this beer is not within the hops, but instead within the yeast.

Apollo is the first-ever summer installment in our seasonal can rotation, and a new style for the brewery as well. In a white can to reflect the sun as well as nod to one of its main ingredients, white wheat, this ale is a clear, bronze-hued elixir to cool down those oncoming scorching days and sweltering evenings.

The inspiration for Apollo came from a land that is very dear to beer. Over the past few years, we’ve traveled to Bavaria several times to experience again the truly golden qualities of their weizens, or wheat ales. A collaboration between Sixpoint Founder/President Shane Welch and Sixpoint Braumeister Jan Matysiak, a German native and Weihenstephan Institute alumnus, the recipe was developed over many tastings and tourings around Bavaria, and put into action back home. Using an ancient Bavarian wheat ale yeast and a 50/50 ratio of wheat malt to barley malt, Apollo ale pays homage to its tried-and-true roots while offering a twist on tradition.

We invite you to witness the story and watch the full-length video to accompany the arrival of Apollo.  This video was compiled from raw footage while in Germany where we learned and philosophized about wheat beer.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and have a toast to a long summer ahead.  Prost!

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