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Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel Returns

Sierra Nevada’s first release in the Ovila Abbey Ale lineup- Dubbel is back in Atlanta.   This year, Dubbel returns in a smaller 375 ml format.  It’s a series of abbey style collaborations with the monks of New Clairvaux in California.

Ovila Abbey Dubbel is brewed in the abbey tradition, and prefect for the rebirth of spring. Clear and deep copper in color and perfect for the rebirth of spring. Clear and deep copper in color, this Abbey Dubbel has a complex and rich malty sweetness with hints of caramelized sugar.  The aroma is a heady and layered mix of fruit and spice with hints of clove, raisin, and black pepper from the use of abbey —style yeast.

Style: Dubbel
Availability: 375 ml bottles. 4 packs.

7.5% ABV