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Sixpoint “Slim Can” Resin Debuts Today

Sixpoint Brewery is debuting Resin today, in a unique can.  The 12oz package is as tall as a 16oz tallboy, but much slimmer.  It’s one for hop lovers. I took a few liberties with the press release:

Often enjoyed on draft and served in smaller glasses, double IPA beers are naturally strong and strikingly hoppy. They are brewed with roughly twice the amount of hops in the average IPA, and have a considerably higher alcohol content. The hops’ essence is produced within hop cones at peak maturity, when their cores swell up with a sticky golden secretion – or resin. This bounty of natural fresh flavor is the simple inspiration for Resin. To conjure the green petals of the cones, Resin cans are designed with a lush green background and golden-bronze accents to symbolize the precious resin inside each cone.

The can is as tall as a tallboy, but skinny:

For such a distinct beer, Sixpoint Brewery has chosen to offer them in unique 12-ounce can four-packs as well as on draft. The cans are identical in height to the rest of the year-round canned offerings from the brewery (Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Righteous Ale and The Crisp) as well as seasonal releases (Diesel and Autumnation thus far). However, their “sleek” shape contributes to smaller four-can packages. Resin will be sold at the same retail price as its other canned offerings, delivering value for fans of specialty craft beers.

Shane Welch, Founder & Prez:

“Sixpoint Resin was one of the most exciting projects we’ve undertaken recently, and I’m thrilled to share it with our customers,” r. “People are quickly waking up to the wonders of IPA and the pleasant taste sensation of bitterness. We wanted to deliver a story about the organic chemical responsible for these flavor sensations everyone is enjoying. This was a very extensive project where we anatomically analyzed the various features of the hop cone, and explored the botanical feature that makes it all happen – sticky resin oozing from the interior!”

Don’t forget Jan, he was in on Resin too:

Sixpoint Braumeister Jan Matysiak, who joined the brewery as of late last year, was instrumental in the recipe and brewing procedures for Resin. “Brewing a ‘big beer’ is always a lot of fun, and an opportunity to push one’s own creativity to the next level,” said Jan. “I am very happy with the outcome of Resin and look forward to sharing this extraordinary beer with Sixpoint fans and all beer connoisseurs.”

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 12oz slim cans, Draft. All Sixpoint markets

9.1% ABV, 103 IBUs

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