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Pipeworks Brewing Company Joins Chicago Beer Scene

This week Chicago welcomed its seventh microbrewery to the city, Pipeworks Brewing Company.  Pipeworks came to be when two friends working at Chicago’s famed West Lakeview Liquors, Beejay Olson and Gerrit Lewis, decided it was time to make this “pipe” dream a reality.  In 2009 Olson and Lewis began an apprenticeship in Belgium with De Struise where they were able to learn and hone their craft as they learned what it takes to run a brewery and create brewed masterpieces.  Upon their return, they raised over $40,000 through to put their dreams into motion and several years later, they have brewed their first official batches.

Pipeworks Brewing Company brewed their first official batch this week after getting approval from the state of Illinois.  The first brew was a smoked porter.  Future releases include Glaucus – Barley Wine, Abduction – Imperial Stout, Last Kiss – Wee Heavy, Learning to Fly – Berliner Weisse, and Bottled Up – Baltic Porter.  All will be available at the brewery.