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Sixpoint Diesel Now In Cans

Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY) Diesel, the followup to Autumnation is shipping today.

It’s our second seasonal can release of the year, followed by the inaugural Autumnation for fall. As the leaves fade to black, you’ll be able to find four-packs of these 16-oz cans in grocery stores, delis, bars and restaurants in all markets where Sixpoint cans are sold. But we don’t intend to stop filling kegs of it this winter, either – soon, you’ll be able to score a pint of it on draft as well.

Diesel stout has actually been offered each winter since 2005, the year after Sixpoint was founded. Rich, robust and deep brown-black, this beer will linger in your mouth like a streak of tar. Yet it’s surprisingly sessionable and effervescent, too. It starts with nutty roasted malts, which get combined with Columbus and Northern Brewer hops. Another dose of Columbus in the dry-hopping stage gives it a defiantly hoppy character. Poured in a glass, the head becomes thick and cappuccino-like, with lacing down to the last sip.

Style: American Stout
Taste Expectations: Coffee, bitter chocolate, roasty malts.  Light vanilla, grassy hops.  Very intense.
Availability: 16oz cans, Draft.  Winter seasonal.

6.6% ABV

Sixpoint Diesel