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Sierra Nevada’s long running brewmaster to retire

Sierra Nevada’s Steve Dressler will retire in 2017. Dresler has been in charge of the brewing program since the early 1980’s.

We’ve gotten to meet Steve at the Chico, California brewery a few years ago. Having a beer with such an iconic brewer in the American craft industry was a great honor. He’s a ridiculously laid back guy that is full of knowledge.

During Steve’s tenure, Sierra Nevada has won 8 World Beer Cup awards and 31 medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

“It’s bittersweet.  Steve is an iconic figure in our brewery and in the industry.  His talent and personality are legendary, and he has set the tone in our production department for years.  I wish him all the best in this much-deserved retirement.” – Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman

Dresler will continue in his position into 2017. The brewery will begin the hunt to fill the position immediately.

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