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KLM Airline to offer draft beer in-flight

KLM In Flight Beer

Talk about some next level shit. Netherlands based airline KLM will soon be offering draft beer in-flight.

You might wonder what was stopping this awesome realization from happening sooner. The answer is air pressure. The difference in air pressure in an airplane flying at 30,000 feet or higher will cause the carbon dioxide to foam at a higher rate than it would on the ground as it leaves the tap. That means a beer that is mostly foamy head. Aka, crappy pour. It is also important to note that CO2 canisters (like kegs) are banned on commercial flights, per the FAA.

KLM worked with Dutch brewer Heineken to create a special keg system designed for high altitude flying. Heineken’s in-flight keg system is modified air pressure keg that works with the air pressure at 36,000 feet, but built to a smaller size to fit into the KLM aircraft. Essentially, the entire Heineken cart is a big thermos designed to keep the beer cold, and fresh.

According to KLM, the airline plans to roll out in-flight tap beer in August, pending safety approval.

Image: Heineken

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