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Short’s Spruce Pilsner Returning Again in 2011

Short’s Brewing (Bellaire, MI) is bringing back Spruce Pilsner.  What makes this beer unique is the use of blue spruce tips that can only be harvested once a year.  Spruce is an imperial pilsner with a piney twist.  Short’s on this years release:

Last year we brought back one of our favorite beers from the 2007 Imperial Beer Series: India Spruce Pilsner. It sold out almost instantly and everyone started asking for more! However, like so many of the beers we produce, Spruce Pilsner can only be brewed once a year because a key local ingredient, in this case spruce tips, can only be harvested once a year for a short time.

Here in Northern Michigan, the harvest window changes from year to year. Last year, the spruce tips popped early due to warm temperatures. This year, Joe has been checking the trees every morning, but the tips haven’t been ready. However, this morning we got some great news via video message from Joe. The spruce tips have finally popped. This is great news for Spruce Pilsner fans… it means that we can begin harvesting spruce tips and brewing this beer right away.

Last year, Draft Magazine chose Spruce Pilsner as a “Pick” in the November/December issue. Editor Chris Staten described it as follows:

Robust hop bitterness accentuates the base pilsner’s crisp finish, while a hefty dose of Northern Michigan blue spruce tips deliver the forest to your glass. With bright lemon and grapefruit notes singing through the swallow, this beer is about as refreshing as it gets.

We will continue to update you on the progress of this beer as the season continues! You won’t want to miss it!

Style: Imperial Pilsner

Availability: 22oz bombers, arrival Summer 2011.

ABV varies year to year.

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