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Karl Strauss Releasing Spicy Rye Offering

Karl Strauss Brewing (San Diego, CA) will be releasing Boardwalk Black Rye late summer this year.  Speaking from experience, Karl’s specialty releases are something you want to get your hands on where ever you are.

When the sun goes down past Crystal Pier, the postcard view of the Pacific fades into the dark. As the tourists head off down the boardwalk, a distinctly local vibe returns to PB. Boardwalk Black Rye is a spicy black ale with a hop profile that’s pure West Coast. Black and caramelized rye malts add complex spicy and roasted notes, while three massive additions of Ahtanum hops provide the vibrant floral aroma and citrus hop character of a Double IPA. Keep Boardwalk out of the cellar, this hoppy offering is best enjoyed fresh

Style: Rye Beer
Hops: Ahtanum, Warrior
Malts: CaraRye, Caramel 80, Pale, Black Rye
Yeast: Chico
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft.

Arrival: August, 2011.  California distribution area.

8% ABV