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Shock Top Launches Twisted Pretzel & Shockolate Wheat

Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Shocklote

Shock Top launched two new offerings in their mixed pack today – Shockolate Wheat, and Twisted Pretzel Wheat.

Twisted Pretzel Wheat had a limited draft engagement late spring. The beer is brewed with spices that make it smell (and taste) like Bavarian-style pretzels.

Shockolate Wheat is brewed with chocolate, caramel, and black malts, and aged with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.

Both are seasonal releases in 12oz bottles, in the Winter Sampler pack.

Note: The above “Best Day Ever” is a part of Shock Top’s promotional marketing. Not a BSJ image. 

9 thoughts on “Shock Top Launches Twisted Pretzel & Shockolate Wheat

  1. Albertson’s, Safeway, and Walmart have the Shockolate Wheat from what I have seen! Not sure about the Twisted Pretzel although that one sounds amazing because what goes better with beer then nuts or pretzels hehe 🙂

  2. idk why but it put me as guest because the comment below that as guest on where to find those beers is mine as well I guess it just now registered my name lol

  3. This is too exact to be real. This is all chemical with the pretzel flavor. Let’s keep it real. If it wasn’t with the fermentation process I wouldn’t buy this. This is seasonal. Keep it that way. Spring is so much bigger.

  4. LOVE the twisted pretzel beer. Was so happy to find it at the local grocery store. Was bummed it only comes in the winter pack and only get 3 of them :(. Hoping it comes back!

  5. Just read the Twisted Pretzel Wheat label…disappointed to see the word artificial on the label. So what exactly is the artificial flavoring composed of?

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