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Shmaltz Vertical Jewbelation Arrives!

Shmaltz Brewing (San Francisco/NYC)  just released Jewbelation 14 in celebration of their 14 years of craft brewing.  Just to recap – it’s a big barleywine – 14 hops, 14 malts. The Jewbelation series started in Shmaltz’s 8th year of brewing – with 8 hops, 8 malts, and of course 8% ABV.    To celebrate not only the past releases in the series, but also Chanukah,  the brewery will be releasing a vertical gift pack.

The vertical pack will feature years 8-14 in 12 oz bottles.   There is an 8th bottle included in the gift pack, one I’m especially excited to try.  The 8th bottle will contain a blend of all seven years, aged in 6 year Sazerac 6-year rye whiskey barrels.  According to the brewery, the aging was between 4-6 months in the barrels, done this year.   It will be featured separately on special draft appearances.

If this gift pack didn’t seem fun enough, included in the box is special glass, candles, and instructions on how to make your own beer menorah!  You can submit your beer menorah pics to the brewery.  Best one wins a prize.

Availability: Very limited 8 packs are available.  Grab it now!

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