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Hebrew Jewbelation Sweet 16: Cupcakes & Unicorns

Shmaltz He'Brew Sweet 16

Shmaltz Brewing C0mpany will soon celebrate their “sweet” 16th birthday this year.  As they’ve done in the past, they will party down with Jewbelation Sweet 16.  A celebration of 16 years with 16 hops, 16 malts, and of course – 16% ABV. As these birthday beers progress, a lot of states can’t carry it as ABV is too high. Either way, founder Jeremy Cowan has come a long way since selling beer out of the back of his grandmother’s car. Below is the label descriptions are a little bit of literary genius. Take a minute and read it.

For our Shmaltz Sweet 16, it’s all cupcakes and unicorns this–round! Romans 16:16: “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” 16 books in the Hebrew Bible go by the names of Prophets. Lincoln was our 16th president. As the Revolution raged, Louis the XVI became the only King of France ever executed, ending 1000 years of dynasty. “One cannot become a saint when one works 16 hours a day.” -Jean-Paul Sartre. The true 16 oz pint must pour to the  “painted line,” taken from Old French and Latin. The Clash first rocked the US in 1980 on their “16 Tons Tour”. A 16-Ton weight famously crushed skits in Monty Python’s Flying Circus. 16 year-olds can legally pilot a glider, buy a lottery ticket, and get married in Scotland. Jewish superstar of the roaring ’20’s, Al Jolson, often performing in blackface, popularized the song, “When You Were Sweet 16”. Seth Rogen, child of self-avowed “Jewish radical socialists,” got on Freaks and Geeks at age 16. “At 16, the adolescent knows about suffering because he himself has suffered, but he barely knows that other beings also suffer.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau. To attend Justin Bieber’s Sweet 16 party, parents had to sign a waiver stating “My  participation may involve risk of serious injury or death.” In South Park’s “Satan’s Super Sweet 16,” serial killers from Hell failed to produce a cake baked in the form of a Ferrari. Thankfully there’s a ton of ways to come of age so Shmaltz it up, Tribe – Le’Chaim! – Jeremy Cowan, proprietor

Style: American Strong Ale
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: Mid October, 2012

16% ABV 


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NEW RELEASE: Shmaltz Vertical Jewbelation

I hope you were lucky enough to get one of Shmaltz Brewing’s Jewbelation Hanukkah gift packs.   The pack contained each one of the Jewbelation beers they have brewed, from Jewbelation 8-14.  (But that’s only 7 nights!) That is true, oh voice in my head.  The 8th night was a special “cuvee” of sorts.  Jeremy Cowan and his brewing team blended 8-14 together, and then aged the blend in Sazerac rye barrels for 6 months.  The result is outstanding.  I mean outstanding.  So good, Shmaltz found it fitting to release this beer in 22 oz bomber too.  Jewbelation 8 was a brewed with 8 hops, 8 malts, 8% ABV.  Each year added a hop, malt, and abv percentage.   Expect a lot of flavor. You’ve been warned.

Style: American Strong Ale (barrel aged)

Taste Expectations: Dark fruits, chocolate, roasted malts, oak, whiskey, and light vanilla.

Availability: 22oz Bombers. Draft. Special release through the rest of 2010.

10.5% ABV

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Shmaltz 8 Days of Hanukkah Tappings

Ok, by now you’ve seen Shmaltz Brewing’s Jewbelation gift pack.  If you haven’t click here and catch up with the rest of the class.  Back now? Ok. The pack featured Jewbelation 8-14 (the series started with 8 ) and one special beer, a blend of the 7 releases aged in Sazerac rye barrels for 6 months.  (For that crazy 8th night!)

To celebrate Hanukkah this year, Shmaltz Brewing has chosen 88 bars in the U.S. to tap the 8 recipes over the 8 days of Hanukkah.  So… starting December 1st, & continuing throughout the 8 days each recipe will tapped in order at these bars in Atlanta/Athens –

Brick Store Pub: 125 E. Court Sq., Decatur, GA
Leon’s Full Service: 131 E. Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, GA
Midway Pub: 552 Flat Shoals Ave. Southeast, Atlanta, GA
Ormsby’s: 1170 Howell Mill Rd. Northwest, Atlanta, GA
The Porter: 1156 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA
Taco Mac – Crabapple 685 Crossville Rd., Roswell, GA
Taco Mac – Kennesaw: 600 Chastain Rd. NW, Kennesaw, GA
Taco Mac – Mall of Georgia: 3250 Woodward Crossing Blvd., Buford, GA
Taco Mac – Newnan: 301 Newnan Crossing Byp, Newnan, GA
Trappeze Pub: 269 W Washington St., Athens, GA
Wild Wing Cafe: 2145 Roswell Rd., Marietta, GA
Young Augustine’s: 327 Memorial Dr., Atlanta, GA/
Steinbecks: 659 East Lake Dr., Decatur, GA


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Shmaltz Vertical Jewbelation Arrives!

Shmaltz Brewing (San Francisco/NYC)  just released Jewbelation 14 in celebration of their 14 years of craft brewing.  Just to recap – it’s a big barleywine – 14 hops, 14 malts. The Jewbelation series started in Shmaltz’s 8th year of brewing – with 8 hops, 8 malts, and of course 8% ABV.    To celebrate not only the past releases in the series, but also Chanukah,  the brewery will be releasing a vertical gift pack.

The vertical pack will feature years 8-14 in 12 oz bottles.   There is an 8th bottle included in the gift pack, one I’m especially excited to try.  The 8th bottle will contain a blend of all seven years, aged in 6 year Sazerac 6-year rye whiskey barrels.  According to the brewery, the aging was between 4-6 months in the barrels, done this year.   It will be featured separately on special draft appearances.

If this gift pack didn’t seem fun enough, included in the box is special glass, candles, and instructions on how to make your own beer menorah!  You can submit your beer menorah pics to the brewery.  Best one wins a prize.

Availability: Very limited 8 packs are available.  Grab it now!

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Jewbelation Vertical Tasting @ Brickstore Pub

Jew 12 13

Recently, I wrote about Shmaltz’s Jewbelation 13 (Bar Mitzvah) release.   Quick recap- Jewbelation is released once a year starting with the 8th year, as a kind of an anniversary ale.   It’s unique each year and follows a theme.  8th year — 8 malts, 8 hops, 8% ABV and so on and so forth.

On Tuesday November 10th, Brickstore Pub is going to give you the chance to catch up.   Starting around 5pm bring your taste buds to the bar for Jewbelation 8,9,10,11,12 and 13 in a row.  Why should you do this?  Well, this is a great opportunity to see how additions of malts and hops change a beer.   If I can dig up the malt hop list for all the releases, I will post them.

5pm, 11/10/09

Brickstore Pub
125 E Court Sq
Decatur, GA 30030-2521
(404) 687-0990