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Shmaltz Announces Bigger Reach

Shmaltz Brewing Company (Clifton Park, NY) is waiting no time in expanding their distribution reach.

Starting now, and going through 2014 are a host of new states and territories. Start looking for Shmaltz in New York City, New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina, Florida, Maine, and Vermont.  For those interested in carrying the Shmaltz lineup, check with these distributors.

Manhattan Beer Distributors — New York City and surrounding counties.
Kohler Distributing Company — Northern New Jersey
Shore Point Distributing Company — Central New Jersey
Kramer Beverage — Southern New Jersey
Freedom Beverage — North Carolina
J.J. Taylor Distributing — Minnesota
Brown Distributing Company — Florida
Craft Beer Guild of Vermont — Vermont

Coming soon:
Craft Beer Guild — Maine (October 2013)
Beer House Distributing — Kentucky (2014)

The graphic above gives you a full picture of the Shmaltz reach.

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