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NEW RELEASE: Shiner 102

Spoetzl Brewing – brewer of the Shiner line of beers just released a new one – Shiner 102. 102 is a follow up to last years anniversary beer 101.  Spoetzl Brewing was founded by a group of businessmen in 1909.  At that time it was called the “Shiner Brewing Association” based in Shiner, Texas.  In 1915 Kosmos Spoetzl, a German immigrant with German brewing experience, leased the brewery.  With him came various Bavarian brewing recipes still in production by Spoetzl today.

Commercial Description:

Our Double Wheat features a malt base containing 50 % Wheat. The wheat variety is Brundage, a soft white winter wheat released in 1997 by the Idaho AES. Double Wheat is a hybrid style which falls between a wheat beer and a wheat wine. Shiner 102 is an American style filtered double wheat ale, lightly hopped with aromatic Czech Saaz and WA Golding hop.

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

Taste Expectations: Full of wheat, 102 is nice & soft on the palate. Grassy hops, light fruit, honey, & light spice.

Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft

4.8% ABV