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“Sex Boxes” For Germany’s Oktoberfest

Not a naughty video game. Weird Beer News.

Oktoberfest is nearly upon us.  The malty lagers are leaking to the stores as we speak. One of the biggest festivals would be none other than one held Munich.  A new addition to the festival this year will not be in the form of beer, but (to use a Jersey Shore term) smush room, or “sex box.”

The box/room is exactly for what you think it’s for – getting busy.  Why have sex boxes?  Apparently this festival attacts a lot of campers.  Campers drink. Campers get… horny.  These rooms are so the attendees and make whoopie and not disturb other attendees. (Tents aren’t sound proof.)

Each booty box Munich’s Oktoberfest includes a double bed, soft lighting, and soundproof.  The box idea is derived similar boxes used by hookers in Germany’s red light district. My favorite name?  “Bonk Box.”  [YahooNews]

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