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Second Self Beer Launches Cans

Second Self Red Hop Rye Cans

Second Self Brewing (Atlanta, GA) will release their first package offering, cans, this week. The brewery opened in fall of 2014, and has been draft only until now.

Using Toucan Mobile Canning, Second Self is packaging Red Hop Rye, and Thai Wheat, both year round offerings. A quick review of the brewery descriptions of each:

  • Thai Wheat (5.1% ABV, 18 IBU) — a spicy American wheat beer brewed with fresh lemongrass and ginger.Suggested Pairings: fish, chicken, pork loin, grilled vegetables, sushi, and Asian cuisine. 
  • Red Hop Rye (7.3% ABV, 69 IBU) — a spicy rye mixed with citrusy hops, balanced by a malty backbone from American caramel & honey malts. This is a great example of an American hybrid of beer: a Red Rye IPA.

Second Self Thai Wheat will be available starting April 6th. Second Self Red Hop Rye cans arrive the following week, April 14th.

This article was updated to reflect Thai Wheat launching in cans on 4/6.