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SEASONAL RETURN: Heavy Seas Below Decks

Personally speaking, this is one of my favorite offerings from Heavy Seas Brewing (Baltimore, MD).  Previously in 12 oz bottles, this barleywine joined the Mutiny Fleet (big bomber series) last year.  Hugh Sisson and I shared a 4 year old cellared edition of this at Brick Store Pub last year, and that made me a lover of this beer for life.

Commercial Description:
Our English style barleywine – rich, malty, and opulent. Great at time of release but will benefit from bottle aging for many years to come. VINTAGE DATED.

Style: Barleywine (English style, lighter on the hops)

Taste Expectations: Caramel malts, touch of dark fruits.  Slightly boozy.  Malts turn a bit sweet as it warms.  Toffee, touch of chocolate.

Availability: 22oz bombers.  Some draft.  Nov-Dec seasonal.  Vintage dated

Cellar? Yes, under the proper conditions

10% ABV

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