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SEASONAL RETURN: Brooklyn Monster

It’s cold, making it a perfect time to drink a barleywine.  Following on the heels on a non-existent beer “Black Ops” is Brooklyn Brewing’s “Monster Barleywine”.

Commercial Description:
Brooklyn Monster is a classic barleywine, a style of ale originally brewed by the butlers to the English and American aristocracy.  Brewed from three mashes of heirloom British malt and spiced with aromatic American Willamette, Cascade, & Fuggle hops.  After 4 months of aging, it has a magnificent burnished copper color, an aroma redolent of sherry, citrusy hops & fruit, a soft, warming, complex palate, a spiritous finish, and a strength of 10.8%.

Style: Barleywine
Hops: Willamette, Cascade, American Fuggle
Malts: Scottish Floor Malted Marris Otter & English 2-Row

Taste Expectations:  Full malt flavor, molasses & toffee.  Caramel, dried fruit.  Citrus, bit of warming alcohol.

Availability: 12oz/6pks. Draft.  December-March, seasonal.

Cellar? Yes. Under the proper conditions – years.

10.3% ABV