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Screamin’ Sicilian, the Craft Beer of Frozen Pizza (Sponsored)

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It might not be a surprise that drinking beer accounts for what seems half of my life. What is potentially scarier (read: awesome) is how much myself and the other Beer Street Journal folks spend drinking beer, and eating pizza. (Darts and heated Mario Kart 64 fights come into the fold too.)

That’s when we were approached by Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza. They must have heard about our epic pizza eating. Screaming’ Sicilian makes frozen pizza, and recently launched a new line called Screamin’ Sicilian. You had me at cheese, so we went shopping.

After eating a few of the styles, I told Screamin’ Sicilian that we were done ordering pizza, Screamin’ Sicilian is pretty amazing. That’s when they said – let’s talk beer pairings. Perfect. Right?

I called a few of our beer experts over, bought all the pizza styles we could find, and came up with a mini-guide to pairing Screamin’ Sicilian with some of America’s best craft beers.

Holy Pepperoni. Screamin’s hefty shot of pepperoni pizza, needs a great IPA. If you are a traditionalist, grab Sierra Nevada Torpedo. You want pepperoni with a twist? Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA.

Mambo Italiano – Spicy Blend of Italian meats? Go hoppy. Think Stone Ruination 2.0, hitting shelves now. Coronado’s Sock Knocker IPA, Oskar Blues Pinner, or New Belgium’s Rampant IPA all pair fantastically. Try all four if you are just ready to party.

Supremus Maximus – This everything pizza has a lot going on in it, from spicy sausage to onions. You’ll need a rich beer to compliment. Founders Dirty Bastard’s caramel and hint of smoke was a homerun.

Bessie’s Revenge – All cheese. Ridiculous amounts of cheese. Cheese and fruit are a match made in heaven, so Dogfish Head’s seasonal, Black & Blue (with blueberries and raspberries) was a pairing people literally fought over.

We wanted to throw a couple of beers in that work for whatever pizza fancy you have. Some nice all around compliment beers include Bell’s Oberon, Victory Prima Pils, and Boulevard’s Saison Brett (or similar style). Grab some bottles of those, pre-heat the oven, and get drinking.

Screamin’ Sicilian made a good point to us. Why are we drinking $10+ a bottle craft beers and eating average $3 dollar pizza? Everything about Screamin’ Sicilian is different from what we thought frozen pizza could be. We are glad Screamin’ Sicilian is a part of the site. As if I needed another reason to drink more beer and eat more pizza, Screamin’ Sicilian just gave us eight more tasty reasons.

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