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Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome 2010

While you may be perpetually late, for the most part -beer is ahead of schedule.  The winter ales are headed you’re way.  A popular English winter ale just made it’s 2010 visit – Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome.  Sam Smith is based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England.  The brewery was established in 1798.

Commercial Description:
Throughout history, beer of somewhat higher alcohol and richness has been enjoyed for the winter holidays, when old friends get together to enjoy the season. Wassail, a festival to celebrate winter and the beer that goes with it, predates the Christian era. Winter Welcome is vintage-dated with a special label each year. Serve in a traditional tankard for the holidays.

Style: Winter Warmer

Taste Expectations: Dark sweet malts – flavors of caramel, toffee & spices.  Perhaps a touch of brown sugar.  Grassy, muted malts.

Food Pairings: Roast goose, smoked turkey with oyster dressing, rack of lamb, candied yams, Smithfield hams, fresh pears and apples, Christmas cake.

Availability: 12oz bottles. 18.7 oz “Victorian Pint” bottles.  Top foiled. Winter seasonal

6% ABV