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Sam Adams 26.2 Brew Officially Announced

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company officially is announcing Sam Adams 26.2 Brew today, alongside Boston Marathon Legend Bill Rodgers and Joann Flaminio.  The beer – 26.2 Brew, will be available at bars/eateries along the marathon route.

The beer is a Gose, intended to be a lighter bodied ale, brewed with coriander and salt.  Per Boston Beer:

Much like the elite group of remarkable athletes that take on the 26.2 miles of a marathon race, the Gose style is rare and exceptional, making it the perfect beer to celebrate the Boston Marathon. With a history dating back to Saxony, Gose style ales all but vanished in the last century.  This unique brew is fitting for both runners and spectators on race day, with a lighter body and slightly lower alcohol level than many of the beers in the Samuel Adams roster.  From a base of an unfiltered wheat ale, it’s light and refreshing yet also has a softness to it.  The flavor is brought to life by an unexpected touch of salt for a mineral quality and coriander for a peppery spice.  The result is an unusual and delicate brew that’s full of flavors to discover and worth crossing the finish line.

Still no info on ABV.  Full Press Release below…

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Full Press Release:

The brewery will be the official beer sponsor of the 2012 Boston Marathon, one of the most revered and challenging races in the world.  To celebrate, the Samuel Adams brewers are developing a special commemorative beer to mark the heralded event.  This is the first time Samuel Adams has partnered with the Boston Athletic Association for the Marathon.

“Our partnership is a perfect fit because of our shared history— a Boston-born brewery joining the biggest of Boston traditions,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “I released my first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager to the public on Patriots Day in 1985, the day of the Marathon right here in Boston.  I faced a lot of challenges getting that first brew packaged and distributed in time, but I had set Patriots’ Day as my deadline.  About half of our first 25 accounts were within three blocks of the finish line.  So, the Marathon’s finish line was my starting line,” added Koch.

The brewers of Samuel Adams beers have been working hard to develop “Samuel Adams® Boston 26.2 Brew,” a special beer which will be available at race-related events, as well as pubs and restaurants along the Marathon route and around Boston.

“We at the B.A.A. are very pleased to be partnering with another Boston institution,” said Joann E. Flaminio, B.A.A. President. “The Boston Marathon is all about Boston and all about competitive success in a challenging environment. The same is true of the folks at The Boston Beer Company and Samuel Adams. They are our neighbors here in town, and they have gotten where they are through the same hard work that we see from all of the athletes from around the world who work hard to qualify to run the Boston Marathon each year. We are delighted to join with Jim Koch and all of his colleagues in saying to 27,000 competitors from around the globe, ‘Welcome to Boston’, ‘welcome to our home town.’ We’re proud to have you here and to enjoy what we have to offer.”

Since the Boston Marathon’s first run in 1897, the event has been held every year in April on Patriot’s Day.