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Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Beers: Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller

Rogue Brewing kicked off the Voodoo Doughnut Series with Voodoo Maple Bacon Porter. The beer honored Portland, Oregon based Voodoo Donuts achievement of setting the world record for the largest box of donuts.

The series has grown to include new offerings from Voodoo Donuts lineup, including Voodoo Donut Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, and Pretzel, Raspberry, Chocolate. Now prepare for Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale.

Voodoo Doughnut makes cruellers, however, they don’t specifically have a lemon flavor.

Like the other releases in this series, Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale will be available in 750ml pink bottles.

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Arrival: TBA

6.9% ABV