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Rogue Maple Bacon Porter & A Doughnut World Record

Rogue Brewing will be bringing you Voodoo Doughnut – a maple bacon porter.  Yeah, it’s what is sounds like.  Bacon. Vanilla, maple. But no hops?   The label says no.  Voodoo Doughnuts boasts some fantastic looking doughnut offerings that would put Homer Simpson in a coma.  Voodoo just broke the world record for the largest box of doughnuts, at a whopping (and very appropriate) 666 lbs!

I’m sure the beer is a base porter (brewed w/ hops of course) and the tasty editions.  Would love to know the hops that go well with bacon and maple.

10 ingredients

Great Western 2 Row, Chocolate, Black, Biscuit

Maple syrup, apple smoked bacon, vanilla beans, vanilla extract

Pacman yeast, Free range coastal water.

Availability: 750ml bottles

5.6% ABV (13 plato / 2.5)