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Red Brick’s Winter Ale Returns

Just shortly after Red Brick’s very successful release of 15th Anniversary Ale comes their seasonal release, Winter Ale.

Winter Ale is a Belgian dark ale, 8.2% ABV.  Winter is one of the stronger of beers in the Red Brick lineup.  For this ale, Red Brick used a Trappist style yeast ( see various previous posts about Trappists.)  This strain of yeast gives the Winter some nice banana/clove flavors.   Loads of caramel malt are also in Winter, complimented by 40+ lbs of Belgian candy sugar.   Belgian candy sugar is indeed a sugar, used to boost the ABV of beer, without the yeast producing invertase (an enzyme that breaks down sugar) – which can give the beer an off flavor.

As described by Red Brick – “Winter Ale is chestnut brown in color, aromas of dark fruits, bananas (bananas foster?), rise from an alcohol laced head. Plum-like flavors with accents of raisins, crusty French bread, and caramel followed by gentle warming are enjoyed with each sip.”

Winter Ale is great now, and lays down well.   Available December – early March.

Available in bottles & kegs.