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CASK ALERT! Weyerbacher Double Simcoe AND Winter Ale

By now it would be redundant to tell you what a great opportunity it is to drink cask beer.   It would be equally as redundant by now to tell you what a great opportunity it is to meet someone associated with the brewery.  Well get ready.  On Wednesday at Taco Mac Metropolis not only do you get the brewer, but you get 2 casks to boot.

Weyerbacher was founded in 1995 by Dan and Sue Weirback.  Weyerbacher — the company name is actually the original spelling of Weirback used by immigrants from Germany into the United States 200+ years ago.  Despite the spelling permutations, Dan and Sue thought it sounded the best for the brewery.

Prior to brewing, Dan Weirback had a love of beer, and homebrewing.  His wife Sue made the suggestion to start his own brewery while touring Long Trail Brewery in Vermont, and he took the suggestion seriously.    Dan’s initial beers were very standard offerings, especially when looking at brewery’s beer lineup now.

Weyerbacher makes big beers, in both flavor and ABV.   They also are pioneers of bourbon barrel aging beers.   They have 4 “big beer” offerings in 4 styles that have bourbon aged relatives.  Barleywine, Imperial Stout, Trippel, and Quadrupel.  The bourbon aging changes Blithering Idiot (BW) into Insanity, Quad into Blasphemy, Merry Monks (Trippel) into Prophecy, and Old Heathen (Imp Stout) into Heresy.   I’m sure you might have seen or heard of these beers before, but now you know the significance!

The Casks – Double Simcoe IPA & Winter Ale

Double Simcoe is an Imperial IPA that uses only the hybrid hop Simcoe.   Simcoe is a very aromatic hop, that doesn’t have a harsh finish.   Double Simcoe has a nice citrus flavor on the palette.  Expect more of that flavor in the cask version.  This IPA is 9% ABV

Winter Ale is a malty seasonal offering.  1998 Silver Medal winner in the World Beer Championships, the ale has a complex palette.  Winter Ale is brewed with roasted chocolate malts, with a hint of alcohol in the finish.  This cask offering should bring out more of the malty flavors.  Winter Ale is 5.6% ABV.

To top this all off, Bob Fauteux from Weyerbacher will be there to talk about the brewery, the beers, or whatever else you can come up with.   Bob is the Sales Manager at Weyerbacher.

Update 1/6/10 – Old Heathen will also be tapping from the draft wall.

Taco Mac Metropolis, 6pm (01/06/10)
933 Peachtree Street N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 631-6526
@tmacmetropolis (on twitter)