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Red Brick Resurrects “Laughing Skull”

Largest graphic Red Brick could give me!

Largest graphic Red Brick could give me!

If you are new to the Atlanta beer scene, then you probably haven’t seen bottles of Laughing Skull. Laughing Skull beer was a contract brew between Red Brick and The Vortex restaurant, first brewed in the late ‘90s. Laughing Skull was originally a Bohemian Style Pilsner, produced in bottles and drafts, until early 2005.

Current owner/CEO of Red Brick Bob Budd recently re-approached the Benoit brothers of The Vortex in resurrecting this brand, and as of September 15th, the deal is done. Starting around October 1st, Laughing Skull will return to taps in the State of Georgia. HOWEVER!!! This time around, be looking for an amber ale, not a bohemian pilsner.

This new amber Ale Red Brick is producing is a lighter, hoppier version their brown ale. 11 different malts were used, in the new “Skull” including caramel (40/60/120), Victory, Bonlander & a little chocolate malt. Hop content includes Bravo and Cascade hops.

In the end, Laughing Skull Amber will clock in about 5.5 — 6.0%. LS despite being an amber should have a bit of an American Pale Ale finish. The “Skull” hits Georgia taps in October, not only in bars, but also available in Atlanta package stores for keg purchase. Bottles to arrive in November.

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