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Brick Store Pub/Atlanta Brewing Collaborative – Taps @ 5pm Today!

Brick Store Pub

Brick Store Pub

Ok, so TECHNICALLY summer is over. That doesn’t mean you should sit at home and mope. There is new beer to be had, and today is no exception. Brick Store Pub in Decatur has a unique beer tapping today.

On Tuesdays, Lee Dickson of Brick Store Pub conducts “Beer School” education for his employees. (Basically teaching the staff more about beer.) Atlanta Brewing Company (ABC) holds beer education courses at the brewery Wednesday-Friday, but on one particular Tuesday, had the staff from Brick Store come over and take a shot at actually brewing beer themselves.

So, on that particular Tuesday, the Brick Store gang stopped by Hop City, picked up some Peated malt and other supplies, headed to ABC. The staff even went as far as grinding the grain themselves.

The result? A smoked porter, dubbed “Smoke Break.” Named for the 12 hour shifts that the employees pull at the store quite often, and the short break amidst all the action. Smoke Break is made with Pale Malts, Peated Malt, and un-malted Roasted barley. Also Apollo hops were used, more for bittering than aroma.

In the end, 2 small batches were produced. ABC blended the batches together, and next stop is Brickstore. Tapping today at 5 pm!

Brickstore Pub
125 E. Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030