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Red Brick 17th Anniversary Blending [PICS]

Red Brick Brewing is on the eve of the 3rd barrel aged anniversary release. Last week, BeerStreetJournal was on site at the brewery when Dave McClure and his brewing team in Atlanta, Georgia pulled the next Brick Mason Series brew from the the barrels. The 2012 release marks 17 years, and is a brown ale aged in Jim Beam barrels. Before the blending, all 72 barrels were placed in the cooler overnight. The next day, the barrels were forklifted two at a time to the tank area for blending. Every barrel had to be tasted to ensure the flavor quality before blending.

You see below, each barrel is opened, sampled then pumped (with CO2) into the brite tank.  Red Brick 17th Anniversary has been bottled and will start shipping over the next week.

Style: Brown Ale (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 12 oz bottles, Limited Draft.

8.5% ABV